The Conversion and Use of 2U Point

2U Point and A2U token are issued and managed by 2U Coin Pty Ltd (Australian Registered Company)

1. 2U Points obtained from inviting of new user to 2U chat platform need to be converted. The conversion criteria is that the users being invited have to meet the following requirements;
a) After installation and registration as 2U chat member, user has at least consumed once via in app shopping mall, or has paid for other services within 2U chat app.
b) KYC and real-name authentication complete.
2. 2U point will have to be exchanged for U2U token which then can be traded on 3rd party cryptocurrency exchange.
3. 2U point can NOT be used on 2U chat platform for purchase of any goods and services.
4. A2U token can be 100% directly used for purchase of goods and services on 2U chat platform, or exchange for fiat currency, while the latter will incur 5% transaction fee.

White paper

2U Token Q&A

1, Q: What is U2U Token?

A: U2U Token is a cryptocurrency with initial token offering price of 1 euro per 1 U2U Token.

2, Q: what is the total release volume of U2U tokens?

A: Total Release Volume is 10 billion U2U Tokens

3, Q: Do I need a Token Miner to get the Token?

A: No Miner hardware is required, please refer to Q5 for the way to get the token.

4, Q: What is 2U Point? How is 2U point generated?

A: 2U Point is a Reward point on 2U Chat platform, where you get the reward points via inviting your friends and others to sign up 2U Chat , who then start to use the Instant Messaging software and consume once via In App shopping mall. The more people install 2U Chat app, the more difficult for new comer to invite others, which is like Mining Activity where it gets harder when you go further.

5, Q: Is there a Cap Limit on 2U Point offering? If so, what is the total volume limit?

A: Yes there is Limit on total volume, which is 3 billion points in total.

6, Q: What is 2U point used for?

A: 2U point can be exchanged for U2U Token on U2U platform.

7, Q: What is the whole “Business Circle”? What is “My Business Circle-Tier 1” and “Friends’ Business Circle-Tier 2”?

A: “Business Circle” is the total network through your and your friends’ invitations. “Tier 1” is the network of people invited by yourself to 2U chat. While “Tier 2 “is the network invited by your “Tier 1” business circle.

8, Q: How to get 2U points?

A: There are FOUR ways to get 2U points:

  1. By Invitations: You get 0.4 reward points (2U point) for every one friend (new user) to 2U chat platform, Plus, you will get another 0.08 reward points (2U point) when that user invites a new one to 2U chat.
  2. By rewarding 2U points as per how long and the frequency of users (in Business Circle) are active on the 2U chat platform.
  3. When your Tier 1 Business Circle reaches 100 people with each of them having consumed at least once via in app shopping mall, you will get one lump sum rewarding.
  4. Keep an eye on the new features and development from 2U Chat platform and you will get rewarded.

9, Q: How to grow my 2U points?

A: It is easy as it is! You only need to follow the steps as below;

  • Expand and grow your Tier 1 business circle to more than 100 people, try to invite as many people as possible.
  • To be an active user of 2U chat by login daily and participate in social event.
  • Keep posted for rewarding opportunities!